first grade

    READING:  Students will learn high-frequency words that you can review at home with your child.  Your child will also learn phonemic awareness, phonics, reading strategies, comprehension, fluency, grammar, and vocabulary.  Your child will also begin spelling.  Please study spelling and high-frequency words with your child each night.  We will also be implementing a phonics-based program to help with your child's reading ability. 
    MATH:  Your child will learn how to add and subtract, how to write an equation, skip-counting to 120, measurement, how to tell time and use a calendar, how to read and draw a graph, fractions, geometry, and place value.
    HANDWRITINGThe children will write everyday and practice the correct way to write words and sentences on the lines.
    SCIENCE AND SOCIAL STUDIESThese two subjects will be incorporated through the Reading series.
    I keep a portfolio of your child's work in the classroom.  The portfolio will include your child's tests and writing samples from all subjects