• Testing Procedures for
    Mrs. Scherbaty

    How will I be graded?


    Classwork/homework         25%


    Quizzes                                 25%


    Chapter Tests                      25%


    Quarterly Exam                   25%




    Classwork is required everyday in order to practice our new math skills.  Incomplete classwork translates into homework. 


    Quizzes are given after several sections of material have been covered in class.  There are several quizzes given during each chapter.


    Chapter tests are given at the end of each chapter.  There are approximately two chapter tests given during each quarter.  


    Quarterly exams given at the end of each quarter consist of all material covered during that quarter.


    Attendance is crucial in math class.  When you are absent, you are missing valuable class time.   Being absent prevents you from participating in class.