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                                                                                    Welcome to Kindergarten!


    Welcome to kindergarten at Freeland Elementary / Middle School. Here are some reminders in order to help you and your child’s transition to kindergarten go more smoothly…

    • Daily Snack: Students must bring a healthy snack daily.   NO CANDY.  Drinks must be a clear liquid. (water or clear juice pouch-NO COLORED DRINKS)
    • Money: All money must be in an envelope with your child’s name.   On the outside of the envelope clearly write the intended use of the money.
    • Label All Belongings: Please be sure to put your child’s name on their coats, backpacks, lunch boxes etc.
    • No Dismissal Changes: Your child must go home their scheduled way. Your child will be sent home their regular way unless you send their teacher a note. If your child normally is a bus student they will go home as a bus student unless a note is sent in to the teacher changing their dismissal for that day.  If your child needs to leave school early, please send a note indicating when your child will be leaving and the name of the person that will be picking him/her up. The person picking up your child must have a valid photo ID.
    • Absent From School: If your child will be absent from school please call 570-459-3221 ext.  21500 to let us know that your child will not be in school that day.
    •  Check the Red Folder Daily: Please check your child’s red folder every day for any notes from the teacher, your child’s work for the day, and fund raiser information.  Also, if you have anything to give to the teacher please put it in the red folder. Teachers do not check backpacks for notes.
    • Homework: Homework will be assigned and it must be returned completed on the next school day. Be sure to review anything that we teach your child in order to keep them on track. Read to your child every day!
    • Tissues, Napkins, Disinfecting Wipes and Hand Sanitizer: We always welcome donations of “germ fighting” items for use in the classroom. They are frequently used--especially during the winter months.
    • PTA: Please participate in as many PTA and school wide fundraisers, collections for the troops, and food drives.
    • Birthdays: We can celebrate your child’s birthday in school with non -food items if you so wish. We also will be glad to hand out birthday invitations as long as there is an invitation for ALL of the students in the class, or ALL the girls, or ALL of the boys in the class.
    • Scholastic Book Orders:  Reading at home is important.  Periodically a book order flyer will be sent home.  These books are reasonably priced and are geared towards kindergarten students.   Do not feel obligated to purchase books. 
    • Recess: We go outside for recess as long as the weather and scheduling permits. Make sure your child wears a jacket and shoes with socks.
    • Dress Code: Jeans, athletic wear and collarless shirts are permitted.  No cargo pants.  You must wear closed shoes with socks.  For more information the dress code policy is listed on our District’s website.
    • Backpacks:  Backpacks must be clear or mesh.   
    • Independent Children: Your child should be able to tend to all of his/her bathroom needs by themselves.  Children should practice being able to independently button, zip and tie their own shoes.
    • Arrival and Dismissal: If your child is having breakfast at school arrival time is 8:30 a. m. Otherwise arrival time is 8:50-9:00 a.m.   Parent Pick Up students dismiss about 3:05 PM.   

                                                                                                Thank you for your cooperation. Have a great year!