• Grading Procedues for
    Mr. DeLese


    Each of these projects are designed to teach your computer skills, they are Very important to master before moving on to the next task, It is a must to understand the computer as a tool so don’t think you can say well its only 50 pts. and I don’t need it (you do) I may not let you move to the next proj. until you complete them.


           My Definitions DEFCEX 50 pts.

    o   Designed to learn tools and formatting 

    o   Learning how to save and make folders

    o   Split screen / internet use

           My Personal Qualities MPQCEX  50 pts.

    o   Formatting, new tools and techniques

    o   Number letter system

    o   Sub topic orientation

           My Career Idol MCICEX  150 pts.

      Documentation principals

    o   Creative writing, and subtopic connectors

    o   Multilevel sub topics

           JOBS FAMILY REVIEW JFRCEX  250 pts.

      Beginning of your Individual portfolio builder

    o   Researching and documentation of findings

    o   Understanding your likes & dislikes

    o   Aptitudes & abilities

           1752 culminating proj.  1752 Encompasses everything you learned 500 pts.

    o   Career Pathways project

    o   Career goals and opportunities such as locations

    o   Training & Educ. requirements, on the job, educational, trade schools, military etc.

    o   Career types such as labor, Blue collar, white collar, management, proprietor, etc.


    Basically 4 projects culminate into the final        


    50% Culminating project