• Steps to become a volunteer

    Click the above link for information on how to become a volunteer.

    The following are brief descriptions of events at which you can volunteer:

    ♦   BAKING – bake for Open House,  Kid’s Night, and other evening events


    ♦   BOOK FAIRS – help children pick out books and/or collect money. (Fall and Spring)


    ♦   BOX TOPS/CAMPBELL’S SOUP LABELS – collect, cut and sort the labels

          (throughout the school year)


    ♦   BULLETIN BOARD – help decorate the bulletin board inside the school lobby   

          (various times throughout the school year)


    ♦   FLOWER SALE – help to coordinate obtaining flowers, help students pick out

          flowers and/or collect money (May for Mother’s Day)


    ♦   FUNDRAISING/ RACE FOR EDUCATION– help the Committee with addressing,    

          mailing and recording for the Race for Education, and on race day (Fall)


    ♦   HOLIDAY WORKSHOP – help students choose gifts for purchase and/or collect

          money (December)


    ♦   HOSPITALITY/REFRESHMENTS – serve refreshments at various school

    functions  (Kindergarten Orientation, Reflections Awards Night,  Teacher Appreciation Luncheon, Graduation/Award Ceremony)


    ♦   KIDS CARE – Students and parents choosing how to make a difference in our school

          and community – examples include:  Coat drive, Tiger’s closet, animal shelter       

         collection, Food drive (various times throughout the year)


    ♦   KIDS NIGHT/KIDS NIGHT GAMES – set up, clean up, run games, sell tickets

         and/or collect money (May)


    ♦   KIDS HOLIDAY BINGO – set up, clean up, run bingo games (December)


    ♦   LUNCH –.  Younger students may need help opening things, cutting food.


    ♦   MIDDLE SCHOOL ADVISORY – help coordinate/run events for Middle School

         Students (Graduation, Awards, Field day, Field trip)


    ♦   MIDDLE SCHOOL CONCESSION STAND – work the stand (during boys and       

           girls basketball games)


    ♦   MIDDLE SCHOOL DANCES – chaperone, decorate, set up/clean up and serve

          refreshments for middle  school (several dances, at night, during the school year)


    ♦   PICTURE DAY(S) – help students get from their classroom to where the pictures are

         taken,  help the younger students (fix hair, wipe faces, etc.) (fall and spring)



    ♦   REFLECTIONS – coordinate/distribute materials for Reflections and help during

         the Awards Ceremony (Fall)


    ♦   SCIENCE FAIR – help students set up their projects, hand out programs and/or clean

         up (May)


    ♦   TRICKY TRAYS – help to find donations for trays, set up, sell tickets and/or collect

          money  (May, during Kids Night)