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    Mrs. Mrochko
    Email:  mrochkof@hasdk12.org
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    Grade (s): 6th
    Subject (s): Reading/Language Arts
     When given the choice of being right or kind...Choose Kind

            Welcome to my page!  I am so excited to teach your children.  I will be working on many exciting stories this year and teaching your children the necessary skills to become better readers.  Study Island will be used often to reinforce the skills taught in class.  Please have your child read nightly for it is the best practice to improve their reading skills.  It could be anything; the newspaper, a magazine, reviewing science or social studies, or just something they are comfortable with.  I always welcome guest speakers to help students relate to a given topic or experience. 

           I incorporate much of the English and writing with the reading series.  A portfolio of their work will be kept throughout the year to monitor their progress.  Spelling words are posted weekly on my web page in case your child forgot his/her book.  I look forward to having a great year with your children.  Please do not hesistate contacting me if any questions should arise
    Please use the following link if you do not have an active Class Dojo account since I use that frequently to communicate with parents.  Thank you!

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