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    6M Read Works code: PYGNLY
    6D Read Works code:  KLWYK
    Unit 1 Week 2
    Essential question for the week: What factors influence how people use money?
    Weekly Vocab:  Quizlet link:
    Comprehension skill: cause and effect, roots and affixes,  Author's Point of View
    Monday: no school
    Tuesday:  6M finished reading through Economic Rollercoaster and reviewing the concepts of supply and demand and also what makes an economy in good shape.  6D worked on their roots and affixes sheet from last week and checked it along with completing questions from the story which were posted on the smart board.  In English we reviewed run-ons and did an interactive review.  Test on the second half of unit 1 will be Friday. Reading test is slated for Thursday.
    Wednesday: Today was review day to prepare for their reading test tomorrow.  We reviewed the concepts of the story with supply and demand, vocabulary, and cause and effect.  They can review vocab with Quizlet and also practice on Study Island with roots and affixes.  In English we started reviewing for their English test which will be on Friday.  It will cover lessons on compound predicates, compound sentences, conjunctions, complex sentences and run-ons.  Today they worked on pages 38-39 and we will review tomorrow their homework.
    Thursday:    Students took their Reading test today and read the follow-up story called "Our Federal Reserve at Work".  Students learned about interest and how it affects bigger items we wish to purchase. 6D has page 73 in their workbooks to finish. In the afternoon, students reviewed for their English test tomorrow.  We also checked the homework from page 38-39.