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    What is Orientation & Mobility?


    Orientation is the process of using sensory information to establish and maintain one’s position in an environment. 

    Mobility is the process of moving within one’s environment safely and efficiently. 

    Orientation & Mobility (O&M) is a set of skills that can be described the easiest as allowing a individual to answer the following 3 questions:

    Where am I?

    Where am I going?

    How do I get there?


    O&M Curriculum encompasses a wide variety of skills including, but not limited to skills in the following areas:

    • Self-protective Techniques
    • Sighted Guide Travel
    • Long Cane/Adaptive Mobility Device Instruction
    • Indoor Travel Techniques
    • Outdoor Residential/Commercial Travel Techniques
    • Directionality
    • Spatial Concepts
    • Landmark Identification
    • Route Planning/Travel
    • Money Identification/Management
    • Street Crossing
    • Public Bus/Subway/Train Travel
    • Soliciting Aid
    • Elevator/Escalator Use
    • Tactile Map Use