• Indoor O&M Activities

    • Diagonal Technique
      1. Promote proper diagonal cane technique when traveling throughout the house
      2. Cane is in opposite hand of the trailing wall, student’s free hand stays inContact with trailing surface
      3. Cane should be positioned diagonally across the student’s body with the cane tip touching and sliding along the corner where the wall and floor meet
      4. Cane tip should be extended slightly in front of the body so that the student is not stepping into the cane
      5. https://youtu.be/7dlyJ6RNomM
    • Constant Contact (Two-point touch) Technique
      1. Promote proper constant contact technique when traveling throughout the house
      2. Make sure the cane is midline and extended in front of body
      3. Ensure that the cane is swung with each step taken having the cane tip land on the opposite side of the stepping foot
      4. Make sure the swing of the cane is at least shoulder width of the student
      5. If practicing two-point touch make sure cane tip does not raise more than 3 inches off the ground
      6. https://youtu.be/nyMLb0HGOvs
    • Route Travelbecause route travel focuses on building knowledge of unfamiliar environments, it is more difficult to teach these skills and techniques in familiar environments such as their home. The following steps can be taken to remove some of that familiarity while still practicing route travel techniques:
      1. Have student stand at the front door to their house or bedroom
      2. Choose a destination for the student to reach within the house, but do not say the name of the location, instead provide the student with verbal instructions on how to reach their desired destination. i.e. Travel upstairs, turn left, trail left wall, enter second door
      3. Have the student repeat the steps that need to be taken until they remember all of them in proper order. (Begin with easy routes that require 2 or 3 steps. Increase difficulty by creating routes with more steps.)
      4. As the student travels throughout the house it is important to promote proper self-protective techniques (without cane) or indoor cane techniques.
      5. Have the student mentally check off each step as they are completed and move on to the next in the series of steps leading to the destination
      6. This activity can be done with the use of a tactile map as well to preview the desired route before traveling


    Other O&M Activities to Practice in Home: