Children at this age begin learning to read and continue reading to learn for life.  Together we need to show your child how much fun reading can be.  Our mission in life is to encourage children and make reading a rewarding experience that they will remember for a lifetime.
    "Readers aren't born,they're made."
    Jim Trelease
    Please follow these tips to help become an active reader.
    Think about the cover, the illustrations, and the title of the book.  What do you think this book will be about? While you are reading, think about what may happen next and why.
    Ask yourself questions about important ideas in the story, such as what the characters might do or what you might learn.
    As you read, ask yourself if what you're reading makes sense.  If it doesn't, reread, look at illustrations, or read ahead.
    Think about the characters, the setting where the story takes place, and the problem the characters face in the story.  Tell the important ideas in the beginning, the middle, and the end of the story.
    Ask yourself questions like: Did you like the story?  Why or why not?  How did the author make the story come alive?  How did the author make it fun to read?  How well did you understand it?  Maybe you can understand it better if you read it again!
    If there is a word that you do not know, look carefully at the letters, sounds, and word parts that you do know.  Blend the sounds to read the word.  Ask yourself if this is a word you know.  Does it make sense in the sentence?