•  Kindergarten Homework







    *parents please note ..



    Practice writing your first and last name.

    Practice tying your shoes.






    Count to 100 by 1s and 10s.



    When we begin learning words please practice reading the words each night.


     Write the  letters of the alphabet both uppercase and lowercase from Aa to Zz .  

    Count 20 objects that you have around your house (buttons, cotton balls, cereal,  etc.)





    Write 1 sentence using some of your sight words



    Sort some objects that you have around your house... (group objects that are the same in some way) sort  some objects  by  colors, or shapes, or size

    (sort Lego blocks, or crayons, or buttons,  etc.)





     Ask someone to read a story to you. Then tell  them  who the characters are in the story and tell them where  the story is taking place (the setting).


    Write your numbers from 0 to 20 using your neatest writing.