• Hello everyone!  I hope that you are all safe and well.  Hopefully I will see you all very soon.  Here are some links to activities, information, problems, videos,  etc. that you can use to review information that we have already covered in class.  Stay safe!  If you need anything please email me at drumnd@hasdk12.org. 

    Mr. Drumn


    Science Websites                                              World History Websites

    The Scientific Method                                        The Renaissance

       *Steps                                                               *Website List

       *Game                                                               *More Websites

       *Other Resources                                             Leonardo Da Vinci Doc

    Classification of Organisms                               The Protestant Reformation

       *Levels of Classification                                    *Quizlets

       *Game                                                                *Martin Luther

       *Activities                                                     *The Counter Reformation Doc

       *Cells Alive!                                                        *The Scientific Revolution

    Ecology                                                                The Age of Exploration

       *Abiotic and Biotic Jeopardy                              *Age of Discovery App

       *Ecosystems Quizlets                                         *Exploration Games

      *Symbiotic Relationships                                    *European Exploration

       *Food Webs                                                                    (Jeopardy)

       *Biodiversity (Bill Nye)                                      *Magellan Documentary     

                                                                                    *The Middle Passage

    Forces and Motion                                                       

       *Motion Video                                                   Absolute Monarchs

       *Force, Mass, Acceleration Problems                  *Absolute Monarch Info

       *Forces and Motion                                               *Louis XIV

       *Newton's Laws of Motion                                   *Absolute Monarch Jeopardy

       *Speed, Distance and Time Worksheets             *Enlightenment Game

                                                                                     Map Games



    Resources from Mr. Uplinger (HASD Resources)