• Weekly Online Lessons

    Week of May 18th 


    Teacher’s Name: Mrs. Kisatsky

    Email : kisatskym@hasdk12.org       


    Weekly Message:

    Completing your work for our class is as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

    First, join our class in a zoom session two times per week, check dojo for the link. 

    Second, complete the three activities for our class. 

    Third, go to your general education teacher's webpage.

    Easy as 1, 2, 3!  You've got this!


    1. This week's zoom sessions - Check dojo for your class's link.

    2. Students and parents should complete all of the assignments listed below. Take your time and do the assignments when you can. Develop a daily routine. Students and parents should work together. Any questions please email or message me on dojo.

    Reading Assignments

    Star All Students in periods 1-7 are working in the Wilson Reading Program. Due to copyright laws, these worksheets can not be posted. Parents who desire a Wilson workbook should email me and I can send it to you electronically. kisataskym@hasdk12.org

    Arrow  First Period - Second Period - Third Period
        Reading Skills (2.4)- 5 sounds in a closed syllable + suffix-s Ex: blend, trumps

          Dot Assignment Link 1      Dot Assignment Link 2     Dot Assignment Link 3

    Arrow  Fourth Period 
    Reading Skills (2.1)- Welded sounds ang, ing, ong, ung, ank, ink, onk, unk Ex: bang, pink

         Dot Assignment Link 1      Dot Assignment Link 2     Dot Assignment Link 3

          Arrow  Seventh Period 
             Reading Skills (5.1)- Open syllable in one-syllable words, y as a vowel Ex: he, hi, shy

                 Dot Assignment Link 1     Dot Assignment Link 2      Dot Assignment Link 3


    3. Great job!  Now go to your next teacher's page! 

    Learning Support(Math)  Dot  Mr. Hudak 

    Second Grade Teachers   Dot  Mrs. Joseph      Dot  Mrs. McGee       Dot  Ms. Olenick 

    Third Grade Teachers      Dot  Mrs. Bernstein   Dot  Mrs. Bonomo    Dot  Mrs. Cook

    Fourth Grade Teachers    Dot  Mrs. Mallets      Dot  Mrs. Wetterau   Dot  Mrs. Ziegler        

    Fifth Grade Teachers       Dot  Mr. Gould          Dot  Mrs. Ritz          Dot  Mrs. Shafer

    Sixth Grade Teachers      Dot  Mrs. Mrochko    Dot  Mrs. Steber       Dot  Mrs. Wallace

    Special Teachers             Dot  Mrs. Fazzini       Dot  Mrs. Katsock     Dot  Mrs. Kelso     


    Related Services: 

    Dot  Ms. Ciotola (Speech) Dot  Mrs. Zanolini (Social Work) Dot  Mrs. Shebelock (PT) Dot  Mrs. Caputo (OT)


     Additional Resources:

    Login to Imagine Language & Literacy and Imagine Math for 40 minutes each per week
       Arrow  Click here (Haga clic aquí) to log in to Imagine Learning

    Click login with LDAP, type your username and password. Blue for ReadingOrange for Math

    Imagine Learning Picts    

     Arrow  K-2 Students: Please remember to view the "Morning Message", work on Starfall, and complete assignments on Raz Kids on your homeroom teacher's page.