• Second Grade Expectations 
    P.R.I.D.E :
    Be on time and ready to learn with all of your materials.
    Be kind to others and respect their physical space.
    Be active in class through participation.
    Be helpful and responsible.
    Be  compassionate and understanding of others.
    P.R.I.D.E. is our school-wide behavior policy.  Students will be expected to show P.R.I.D.E. 
    while on school grounds, as well as during Virtual Learning. RESPECT is the driving force behind the expectations established for class behavior.  Each and every student should feel safe and comfortable in our physical classroom, as well as our virtual classroom.  All students should have the respect of each of their peers, as well as myself.  I strive to ensure that the entire class feels welcome and included so that each of us is able to reach our maximum potential.

    **Please be sure to send snack with your child every day! For the first few weeks please label your child's snack, and lunch (if they will be bringing their lunch) so that we can easily identify those items intended for their snack, and those for their lunch. Thank you in advance for you cooperation!**

    ** Also, please be sure to check your child's RED folder every day. Papers will be placed in the appropriate side, letting you know if they are to remain at home, or whether they need to be sent back to school the following day. Folders are to come back to school every day. You may also use the folder to send in any notes regarding early dismissals, or a temporary change in transportation, doctor excuses, etc.**