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    The visual arts are essential to a child's curriculum; they allow each child to express himself or herself in ways that may not be possible in other classes or subjects.  Making art is also fun!
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    *Please check out your class's art Teams page for work while absent from school or quarantining.*


    Attention 6th grade!

    Lion's Club Peace Posters are due Monday, November 7.

    Miss Lindsey Bower
    Phone: (570) 459-3221 ext. 25500
    Room: B104
    Subject: Visual Arts
    Grades: K-7


    • All students will establish acceptance, respect, and rapport with classmates
    • All students will practice responsibility, independence, and personal-monitoring
    • All students will express ideas, thoughts, and emotions, especially those which help inspire change and overcome personal conflict


    • All students will understand, apply, and manipulate Elements and Principles of Art
    • All students will integrate arts language into personal vocabulary
    • All students will investigate and extract inspiration from famous artists and paintings
    • All students will use the Arts to relate and synthesize the PA Common Core Standards


    • All students will handle materials, equipment, and tools safely
    • All students will describe, analyze, interpret, judge, and discuss artworks
    • All students will produce quality paintings, drawings, crafts, sculptures, prints, graphics, and installations