Ms. Bet

    (570) 459-3221

              Grade (s):8th
              Subject: Math

    See you in 3 weeks!!

     To make sure you are ready for a great year, please be sure to get the following materials for my class:

    Class Notebook--Single or multi-subject or a binder will do.  You will use this notebook for class notes and homework and will bring it with you daily.

    Bell Ringer Notebook--single subject will do.  This notebook stays in the classroom and is used solely for the copying and completion of the daily Bell Ringer/PDN.  This notebook will be graded each quarter.

    Pencils--The best writing utensil for math.  Allows for the necessary trial and error (or possible mistakes) we all make and keeps your work neat!

    Folder (optional)--you may want this for worksheets, etc.

    Colored Pencils/Crayons (optional)--we sometimes will use these materials.  I have plenty for students to use, but you may feel more comfortable with your own.

    Scissors and Gluestick (optional)--same as above

    **Please bring a reading book, sketchbook, wordfind book, or something else to quietly occupy yourself during some of the settling time this first week.  Thank you!**



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