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    Online Instruction

    Subject: Reading

    Class Period(s): 1st & 3rd

    Teacher Message:  

    This is our last week of school! I am proud of the work you have done so far.  I am not posting any new assignments this week. However, I want you to continue working hard and doing your best to get AT LEAST 51% of your coursework completed by Friday, June 5. 

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    Weekly Objective(s): 




    Lesson:  Finish 51% or more of your coursework on Edgenuity.

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    Independent Practice and Additional Resources:

     See previous week's additonal resouces.  


    Assignments and Assessments:

    Reading Literature: Exploring Setting, Conflict, and Plot

    • Setting in a Fiction Text
    • Conflict in a Fiction Text
    • Plot Elements in a Fiction Text

    Reading Informational Texts: Central Ideas, Details, and Descriptions

    • Important Details in an Informational Text


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