June 1-5, 2020

    ***** PLEASE COMPLETE THE ASSIGNMENT SURVEY BELOW TO RECEIVE CREDIT: my email is hoppeys@hasdk12.org*****

    Have fun trying out these games from Classics For Kids.  I would like you to play at least 3 of them but you can play all 7 if you like.  You can even email me some of your work.  Please complete the  SURVEY FROM  and tell me what you did and what you thought.  Enjoy!




     Wow!  I can't believe this is our final week of school!  I'm sorry we did not get to complete our final quarter together in school making muisc with our voices, bodies and instruments.  I miss seeing your smiles, hearing your laughter and stories and watching you make new discoveries and taking on new challenges in music.  To all my 6th graders, you will be missed!  Some of you I had since Kindergarten and I will miss seeing you every week in class like I have for the past 7 years.  I hope I was able to share enough music with all of you to make it a part of your life forever.  Whether you continue to sing, play an instrument, dance, or just listen to music.  Music is very powerful and will help us through the good and bad times.  It is always there for us, especially when words fail.  To all my returning students next year, I'm looking forward to continue where we left off.  I wish everyone a wonderful and safe summer.  And it may not be the summer vacation you expected, but it will still be a summer worth celebrating.  Be creative and use your imagination.  Have fun and stay safe until we meet again!



    May 26-29, 2020


    Happy Tuesday! That's right! We had off yesterday to honor the men and women that sacrificed their lives for us. Yesterday was Memorial Day! And another beautiful weekend it was!


    K-2:  Let's talk about you.  What kind of music do you like?  What kind of music do your parents like?  Please out the K-2 MUSIC ASSIGNMENT below and share with me.  Then complete the MICHAEL JACKSON ASSIGNMENT.  Enjoy!


    K-2 Music Survey 

    Michael Jackson Survey



    3-6:  Let's talk about you.  What kind of music do you like?  Please fill out the 3-6 MUSIC ASSIGNMENT below and share with me.  Then complete the MICHAEL JACKSON ASSIGNMENT. Enjoy! 


    3-6 Let's Talk About Music Survey

    Michael Jackson Survey


    May 18-22, 2020


    Happy Monday Everyone!  A beautiful weekend it was! 


    Music can be described using different words.  Let's learn about PITCH (the highness and lowness of notes), TEMPO (the speed of the music) and DYNAMICS (the volume of the music).  Please watch the videos below and complete the worksheets that go along with them.

    High and Low Video   High And Low Worksheet 

    Tempo Video             Tempo Worksheet

    Dynamics Video         Dynamics Worksheet



    Let's work on reading our treble clef music notes with a refresher funny video (I think you may recognize the tune).  Please complete the worksheets below after watching the video.

    I Knew You Were Treble Video    Worksheet 1  Worksheet 2   Worksheet 3 





    May 11-15, 2020 


    Welcome back boys and girls!  I feel like we just had a taste of winter this weekend with our unexpected snow.  Wow!  I hope that was the last of it.  Today begins are New Material Online Instruction.  Some of the lessons I present will still be review while others may be new.  Please make sure you are completing your weekly music assignment in order for me to give you credit.  I cannot tell if you did any of the material unless you complete the survey attached to each lesson.  You have all week to complete your assignment.  Remember we are here for you and you can reach any of us through district email, including me.  Good luck, have fun and I look forward to checking your assignments.

    Let's continue working on our rhythms.  Remember the BEAT is the pulse of the music.  It is steady.  It can be slow or fast depending on the music being played.  RHYTHM, however, is the long, short and no sounds in music.  It usually follows the words of the music. Below are some neat videos explaing beat and rhythm a little further.  Everyone should watch RHYTHM CHANT and BASIC RHYTHM NOTES EXPLAINED.  Then clap along with the highlighted rhythm notes in your grade level below.  When finished, don't forg3t to complete your assignment on the survey.


    Rhythm Chant

    Basic Rhythm Notes Explained                                               


                                                    K Clap Along With Rhythms

                                      1-2 Clap Along With Rhythms

                                      3-4 Clap Along With Rhythms

                                      5-6 Clap Along With Rhythms





    MAY 4-8, 2020


    What a beautiful weekend we had!  I hope you were able to get outside and enjoy the beauty of "outdoor" music: birds singing, wind blowing, trees swaying, dog's barking.  And that SUN!  I love how the warmth of the sun feels on my skin outside with a slight cool breeze blowing.  How about you?  What did you think of the weather this weekend?  Did you get a chance to go outside and if so, what did you do?

    I know this week and the weeks to come are going to be different for all of you as we attempt to finish this year with some new instruction.  Remember to try your best and know we are here if you need anything.  This week is a run-through trial for next week's oline music assignments.  I have posted some activities I would lilke you to try along with a survey to fill out to let me know you completed the activity.  Please have your parents help you fill in the answers if you need help.  You are more than welcome to check out the other activities listed for the other grade levels but don't have to compete their survey.  Just the one attached to your grade level.  I miss you all and look forward to making music again soon!  Good luck and have fun!


    K-2:    Have fun singing along and keeping a steady beat, learning about some rhythm notes and jamming out with a band.   Click the link and enjoy.   

                   Let's Listen, Learn and Play    

              Listen, Learn and Play Survey


    3-4:    Remember The Music Show with Luigi the Baton???  He was quite a character along with his friends.  There are 6 videos here to watch.  Pick at least 3 to watch (you can watch more if you want) and complete the  survey attached. 

             The Music Show    

            Music Show Survey


    5-6:    I'm sorry we never got to complete and hear everyone's foley production of the stories each group was working on.  I was really looking forward to hearing them after all the hard you put into them.  Let's review what a foley artist is.  Watch the videos and complete the survey attached. 

             What is a Foley Artist? with Peter Burgis

             Behind the Scenes with Cami Alys

             Foley Artist Survey


    FOR EVERYONE!  There are so many different musical styles out there to enjoy.  MANY!!!  Each one is uique and different in its own way.  I enjoy listening to classical, ragtime, pop, country, rap and the list goes on and on and on.  LOL!!!  Click on the following like and enjoy some different styles of Baby Shark.  Enjoy!

             Baby Shark in Different Styles





    April 27-May 1, 2020


    Welcome back boys and girls! I hope you had a great weekend, although it was quite rainy.  But remember, April showers bring May flowers!  I cant wait to start planting my flowers and vegetable garden and watch them grow over the next several weeks. 


    K-2: Let's review the instruments of the orchestra by watching the following videos.  Remember our 4 vocabulary words? 

                    *Musician:  a person that uses an instrument or voice to make music

                    *Orchestra: a group of inistruments form the 4 families of instruments (strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion) playing together

                    *Composer:  someone who writes music 

                    *Conductor:  someone who uses a baton to lead a group of musicians to play 

                              First Book About The Orchestra (please click on title and watch; what instrument is your favorite and why?)        

                      Music Play (please click on link and you will find a game called Instruments of the Orchestra to play; have fun!)


    3-6  Let's review some basic rhythms by playing a listening game.  Click on the link Music Play and go to the right hand side and click on Which Rhythm Do You Hear? and play #1, #2, #3, #5 and #6.  When finished you can check out some of the other free games.  Have fun!





    April 20-24, 2020

    Welcome back everyone!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  Many of you were getting ready to perform a Spring Concert with me before school was closed.  Sadly, our concert did not take place.  I know it would have been another great performance by all because I know how fortuate I am to work with some of the most talented students in the HASD.  Each year we end with a closing number or two performed by all students participating in the progam.  I have copied the lyrics and music of our two closing songs we would have performed this year.  The music has the practice vocals on it.  I will try to see if I can attach the Performance Only version later.  Just because we can't perform at school, doesn't mean you can't perform at home.  Review the two songs below (even the solo parts if you'd like) and perform it for someone at home.  These two songs have such powerful words and I had no idea how perfect they would be now.  Send me a video or pic if you'd like to share.  ENJOY!!!    


    Lyrics to We Are The World and Music Is Always There


    Music Is Always There (Full Version With Vocals)

    We Are The World (Full Version With Vocals and Lyrics)





    April 13-17, 2020

    Happy Easter!  I hope this finds everyone well rested from a long weekend and ready to begin another week full of exploring musical activities!  Please take a look at the following music activities and give them a try.  Let me know what you did and thought by sending me an e-mail or contacting me through Skyward.  Looking forward to hearing from you all soon!  


    K-2 General Music Activities (you may need to click Enable Content if the Security Warning appears on your screen; each picture will need to be tapped/clicked twice before the play button comes up and then you can tap/click that to hear the music)


    3rd-6th Rhythm Coloring Sheets (choose one or more rhythm coloring sheets to color while listening to your favorite music)


    K-6th Composer Coloring Sheets (choose one or more composers to color while listening to one of their songs that you can find on YouTube)





    March 16-April 9, 2020

    Hello boys and girls!  I  miss you all very much!  I hope you are all doing well and enjoing your extra time with your family.  I am looking forwad to going back to school, but since we don't know when that will be, I have listed some fun things to do alone or with your family during this time.  Please take a look at them and try doing at last one a week for those of you who I see once a week, two a week for those of you I see twice a week and three a week for those I see three times a week.  If you'd like to do them all, that is perfectly fine with me.  I hope you have fun with these activities and I will be checking in on you as soon as I can.


    Mrs. Hoppey





    Welcome to the MUSIC CHOICE BOARD!

    Please read through the following projects and choose one, two, or three projects to complete each week that we are off.  You may do more if you want.  Do your very best and most of all, have fun!

    A - FAMILY MEMBER INTERVIEW:  Choose a family member from your house or to call and interview them about music when they were a kid.  Ask them the following questions and write your answers down.

    1).  Who was your favorite musician/song?  2).  What was your favorite kind of music?  3).  Where did you first hear it?  4).  Have you ever seen your favorite musician in a concert?  5).  Did you play an instrument?  6).  How did you listen to music when you were a kid?  7).  Did you have music in school?  8).  Do you rememeber what kind of songs you sang in class?  9).  Did you play music games?  10).  Did you dance or play class instruments?  11).  Were you in any music concerts/programs?  12).  Tell me your favorite memory of music class as a kid?

    BONUS:  Watch a video of their favorite musician/song when they were a kid and/or have them teach you how to sing it?


    B - CREATE AN INSTRUMENT:  Did you every want to be an inventor?  Use your creativity to invent a new instrument.  You may use household items to create an actual instrument or you may draw your instrument on paper.  If you are choosing to draw your instrument you need to give it a name and label the parts of your instrument.  Your picture must be colored in.  


    C.  LISTENING:  Listen to a piece of music without words.  Draw a picture of what it makes you think or feel.  List the name of the song and artist on your paper to share.  You can go online or YOUTUBE to find many instrumental pieces.


    D.  WATCH a musical video and draw a picture of your favorite scene and tell me WHY it was your favorite:  the music, the characters, the scenery, etc???


    E.  CREATE a piece of music using body percussion:  clap, snap, stomp or pat different patterns.  See if you can perform it with a song you know.  Then teach it to someone at home.


    F.  DANCE to your favorite 3 songs.  Make up a dance routine to go along with one of them and teach someone at home how to do it.  


    G - SOUND SCAVENGER HUNT.  Use your careful listening skills to complete this project.  Be very still and quiet - listen to the sounds all around you.  Draw a picture to describe each sound that you hear.  You need to discover at least 8 sounds on this scavenger hunt.  


    H.  SING a song from class that we learned and teach it to someone at home.