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    Online Instruction

    Subject: 6th Grade ELD(ESL)/Language Arts- Levels 1, 2, and 3

    Class Period(s): Purple Inside Book

    Teacher Message:

    Hello Everyone,

    This week we are continuing to learn about Elements of a Story in online instruction.  Please scroll down the page to find your assignments.  If you click on the pictures and links, they will take you where you need to go. For this week, please watch the video and click on the link to complete the quiz.  Please also continue working on Rosetta Stone and Moby Max for 30 minutes per week.  Also, keep checking your email and logging into Class Dojo and Skyward. Please try not to stress out too much, I am here to help you.

    My office hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 12:00pm-1:00pm.  During this time, I will be available to answer any questions you have and to help you with any difficulties you are having.  You can contact me through email at valentinek@hasdk12.org, CLass Dojo, or Skyward.  You can also call or text me at (570) 617-0396.

    Try your personal best!  Think positively!  Keep smiling! :)


    Mensaje del maestro:

    Hola a todos,
    Esta semana continuamos aprendiendo sobre Elementos de una historia en la 
    instrucción en línea. Desplácese hacia abajo de la página para encontrar
    sus tareas. Si hace clic en las imágenes y los enlaces, lo llevarán a donde
    necesita ir. Para esta semana, mire el video y haga clic en el enlace para
    completar el cuestionario. Continúe también trabajando en Rosetta Stone y
    Moby Max durante 30 minutos por semana. Además, siga revisando su correo
    electrónico e iniciando sesión en Class Dojo y Skyward. Por favor, trate
    de no estresarse demasiado, estoy aquí para ayudarlo.

    Mi horario de atención es lunes, martes, miércoles, jueves y viernes de 
    12:00 p.m. a 1:00 p.m. Durante este tiempo, estaré disponible para responder
    cualquier pregunta que tenga y ayudarlo con cualquier dificultad que tenga.
    Puede contactarme por correo electrónico a valentinek@hasdk12.org, CLass Dojo o
    Skyward. También puede llamarme o enviarme un mensaje de texto al (570) 617-0396.

    ¡Haz tu mejor esfuerzo personal! ¡Piensa positivamente! ¡Sigue sonriendo! :)


    Weekly Objective(s)

    1. Students will watch a video about the story element - plot.

    2. Students will answer the questions about the video.

    3. Students will complete a Study Island assignment.


     ELP Standards:

     1. Follow one-step directions

     2. Identify facts

     3. Find details



    The setting of "King Midas" was in a castle.

    Write a sentence with two adjectives to describe King Midas' castle.




    Please watch the video below. Then, click the link under the video to take the quiz.  I will see your grade. 

    Plot/"Fifth Moon's Story"


    Independent Practice and Additional Resources: (Click on the logo and sign in)

    MobyMax | Fix learning gaps (a green whale with glasses, a hat, and a mustache)     Rosetta Stone Logo (Rosetta Stone in black print and a blue stone on a yellow background)


    Assignments and Assessments: 

    1. Complete the Week of May 18th assignment on Study Island.

    2. If you have extra time, work on Moby Max or Rosetta Stone.


    Quick Access Student Login Links:  (Click on the logo and sign in)

     Study Island (Picture of a palm tree on an island- words Study Island in black print)              zoom - (word zoom in blue print)        Class Dojo Logo (Monsters flying a kite- words Class Dojo in black print)


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