• Classroom Procedures for Mrs. Lawrence





    1.  No food or drink is permitted in the classroom.


    2.  Students are to arrive to class on time and immediately go to their seats. Daily work instructions will be on the board and on TEAMS. When a student is absent or virtual, it is that student's responsibility to make up all missed work. 
    3.  Respect all equipment.  Monetary damages may be assessed for computer vandalism and may result in the student being permanently removed from the equipment, class or both.
    4.  During class lessons and presentations, one person speaks at a time.  If you have a question or comment, please raise your hand.
    5.  Students will be responsible for the care of the computers, books, calculators and any other equipment used during the class period they are working.   If there are any problems, please report them to the teacher immediately.  Before leaving class, do a final check of the equipment. 
    6.  All students will respect each other, the teacher, or any substitute or person who enters the classroom.  Improper classroom behavior will not be tolerated.
    7.  Any student caught violating the Proper Use of Computers Policy or the Internet Policy will be disciplined and may lose the privilege of working on computers in the HASD.
    8.  Sleeping or head down during class will not be tolerated.
    9.  Electronic equipment (cell phones, smartwatches, etc.,) are not permitted and will be confiscated and sent to the office.
    10.  Students are expected to go to the lav before or after class.
    11.  Proper dress code is required.
    12.  Students are not permitted to play computer games or go on the internet without permission.
    13.  Using other student’s work is cheating and both students will be given a zero.
    14.  Students are expect to complete all assignments; work not done will affect your class grade.  Extended absences with doctor’s excuses will be addressed on an individual basis.
    15.  If a student misses an assigned test, a different test may be given and it is the student’s responsibility to tell the teacher they need to make it up.  If the test is not made up, a zero will be given.