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    Mrs. Marchetti
    (570) 459-3221 ext. 25500
    Grade (s):K-5
    Subject (s):ELD



      I hope everyone is doing well. I am still available to help my students in their English language acquisition during this time. To assist me, I am asking all parents/guardians to send me an email, using the above address, to let me know if your child/children have access to the internet and a computer at home.  This information will be helpful when planning activities or lessons while we are off from school. I do have some ideas under the HOMEWORK tab.


    Welcome to my ELD classroom! I look forward to teaching your child this year.
    This year we will be using our new Reading programs called REACH and INSIDE. We will learn through exploration and celebration of our cultures. Together we will create new beginnings, and learn the English language.