Everyone: Please try to find time to go onto Moby Max and work on Language and/or Foundational ReadingIt is important to keep up with your grammar skills!!
    You can also find fun learning activities on ABCYA and STARFALLI suggest going on these two sites through Arthur Street School... choose "Student Learning Links".
    There is also another site called Brainpop. The username is HTEMS2020 and the Password is hawks2020.
    If you have a Rosetta Stone login, please try to continue to do lessons.
    **All English Learners upto level 3 now have access to Rosetta Stone. Level 3 students need to go on the district's main webpage and choose Rosetta Stone. Use your regular login to access it. Then,choose LAUNCH to begin working. When asked about the microphone, choose YES. If you have problems, let me know and I will try to help you.
     You can go on the below link to review grammar definitions. My class is called Gdmarch. I have some sets premade for you to practice. You can also go to the BROWSE tab, then LANGUAGES and choose ENGLISH for multiple practice sets that include helpful pictures.
    Si usted esta buscando una buena aplicacion de aprendizaje para su hijo/a, considerar la descarga la aplicacion KHAN ACADEMY para Android o Apple. Este programa solo funciona en un telefono o tableta. Despues de instalar la aplicacion, debe introducir un correo electronicode un adultos.