• Classroom Rules and Expectations for
    Ms. Bet


    Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do. 


    • Be Prepared for Class
      • You will need your notebook and textbook EACH day unless told in advance (DO NOT ASK ME!)
      • A pencil is recommended for math, but a pen is acceptable.  You will not be permitted to borrow a writing utensil every single day!
      • Have your homework WITH you.  A homework left in a locker must be turned in LATE and will result in a make-up grade of an 80.
    •  Practice Good Study Habits 
      • Math builds upon itself daily. You need to review/reread/retry your notes and practice problems from the day before in order to understand what we do the next day!
      • The more you see and do something, the better you will remember it, and the more successfully you will be able to do it!
      • Do your homework--on time and completely!
      • Study well in advance.  When you know there is a quiz in 3 days, start studying THAT night!
      • There is nothing harmful about redoing homework problems for extra practice and fluency.
      • Remember that POP QUIZZES do occur!!
    • Show Respect
      • Practice closed mouths and open ears when Ms. Bet or a peer is speaking.  Do not respond rudely to others.
      • ASK to do things by raising your hand and waiting to be called upon...and ask POLITELY!
      • Stay in your space.  Do not touch anyone else's belongings without permission, and DO NOT be a "floater"!!
      • Do not disturb or interrupt others, and learn appropriate times to ask/tell Ms. Bet something. (Do I look/sound busy or otherwise occupied?)
    • Hold High Standards
      • Push yourself to succeed and to TRY--even when you think it is hard. If you can, you MUST : )
      • Don't think you can't...you just haven't YET.
      • Remember that it feels better to reach a challenging goal than an unispiring one.
      • Be a leader