Graded assessments in class include Quizzes, Tests, and Quarterly Exams.  Flashcard quizzes are given every Friday, content quizzes are given at the discretion of the teacher and may be UNANNOUNCED, and tests are given at the end of a chapter or large unit.  Quarterly exams are dictated by the district and given at the end of each marking period, covering all material from that term.

    Students are expected to take organized, complete notes in class, follow along with examples, and participate in any reviews prior to assessments.  Since quizzes may be unannounced, students should prepare each night as they may encounter a Pop Quiz on any given day. Students are given at least 3 days notice of TESTS and EXAMS and should begin studying at home THEN--do NOT wait until the night before a big test to cram!!

    Assessments are given to be sure students have mastered material before we move on in class.  Please do not wait until the day of a quiz to mention that you do not understand something or would like more practice with the material.  Students should expect a quiz every 3-5 days...get things cleared up and understood early!