• Skyward is the district's Student Information System, used to manage all student data. This web-based system allows real-time access to attendance, grades and other vital data. Through your web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox, you log in using a secure ID and password provided to you by the school. Your one login ID and password will provide access to all your students enrolled in HASD. Students in grades K-12 have their own login ID and password, and should not use their parent's login information.


    To access Skyward, just click the Skyward link above on the district page or the Skyward link at the bottom of this page.


    Teachers enter grades and comments through the Skyward gradebook program, and are required to update their gradebooks on a weekly basis. This information is available for administrators and parents to access. You can see assignments and scores for each class. Other information available to you are the daily announcements, attendance history, term grades and teacher comments. As the system is fully implemented, more options will become available.


    Questions on grades, attendance, or login information should be directed to the school.  If you have technical questions on accessing Skyward, please contact Technology Office.
    Skyward access link - Skyward