Welcome to the Warehouse!

    The HASD Warehouse provides the following vital services to the district: 

    Receiving and Delivery of School Supplies
    Warehouse staff carefully check all incoming deliveries for accuracy before their delivery to the original requester. If merchandise is incomplete or incorrect, they make appropriate calls to rectify the error. During the summer the Warehouse is often "stuffed" as supplies are ordered in anticipation for the new school year. Most of these supplies are delivered to school sites just prior to the opening of school at the end August. 
    Inter-District Mail
    The district's inter school mail is also handled by warehouse personnel. There is an efficient sorting room at the warehouse that receives the daily mail bags picked up at each site or department. Mail needing US postage is run through the meter and sent on its way while inter-school communications are sorted and bagged to be delivered to their proper destination with only a one day turn around.
    Copy Center Material Delivery
    Every school day the trucks roll from the Warehouse to local schools with completed copy center requests from teachers and office staff. 
    Central Administration Records File Storage
    District retention of financial documents, employee records, student records and any required documents are stored in the warehouse.  Each department annually reviews all document files and sends to the warehouse for storage and shredding.