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    Dear Parents and Students I hope that you and your families are safe and healthy.  The cyber school students should be caught up with their work until March 13th.  This was the last day that students were in school.  Once students have completed their work up until March 13th students can go back and review and materials that were previously covered. They will not have any new lessons until we return back to school. 
    I have received many emails from the students that stated that they look like they are behind in the school work.  Be assured that they are not behind (unless they were not caught up to March 13th initially). I had to go in and remove the dates that we are not in school.  The computer then takes the remaining content and spreads it out over the remaining days.  For some reason it sometimes adds it to previous work days.  I am not sure why that happens.  I have instructed the teachers that once we return to school they will have to adjust the work load accordingly.  
    As usual if you have any questions please do not hestiate to email me at medekm@hasdk12.org
    Hazleton Area Virtual Academy

    Online Learning Opportunities for Hazleton Area Students
    • The Hazleton Area Virtual Academy allows students the opportunity to earn a Hazleton Area School District diploma and participate in graduation ceremonies.

    • All necessary equipment (laptop and internet stipend) will be provided and maintained by the HASD technology department.

    • All cyber classes are taught by highly qualified HASD teachers. Students can schedule "face-to-face" meetings, if needed.

    • Students can participate in all HASD clubs, activities, and sports.

    • HAVA students have the opportunity to take classes at the Hazleton Career Center and complete their academic requirements through the Virtual Academy.