• S.A.D.D. is a club that stands for Students Against Dangers Decisions. Mary Jo Zola and myself share the club. The club encompasses helping students make good choices with difficulty decisions faced by teens. We kick this club off in October with SADD week. It is a week of Crazy poromotional activities to help your child in making decisions on difficult topics. The week is called, "RED RIBBION WEEK". The Theme is " BE HAPPY, BE BRAVE, BE DRUG FREE!" Wearing Red symbloizes the destruction of drugs caused by Ameicain 1988. The official week is Oct. 23rd to Oct. 30th but due to online learning we are moving it to the second week of November to allow students to come up with themes for each day.

    More activities follow throughout the course of the year and will be posted as the come along. We need a President, VP, Secretary and Treasurer for this club. We will be accepting nominations and written speeches with a presentation, second weeks after sign ups.

    A TRU GRANT was awarded to SADD- Students went to a conference & will be going to the CAPITAL on MAY 7th to visit legislators to help fight the age increase on smoking & purchase and sales of cigarettes, tabacco & vapes. As we get more info, we will send it to you. Tony DeLONG will do a training virtual for students on vaping & Drugs.


    SADD MEETS ONCE A MONTH AFTER SCHOOL> PLEASE LISTEN FOR ANNOUNCEMENTS! It is the third Monday of the Month. We are looking for elections of officers so please send us your interests.

    Trip to Harrisburg for TRU will either be virtual or live so be send us your info by FRIDAY FOR SURVEY. Name & Email info. Mrs. Zola has the SHEET!

    Talent show will be held virtual or live...get your acts ready!