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    Ms. Cipriani
    Maple Manor Elementary/Middle School 
    Hello! All art projects are viewable on your Art Team Agenda that is posted daily. Each class is labeled with your grade level, followed by your homeroom teacher, and Art. For example: 3-Breshock Art. Each grade level also has a different icon making it easy to locate your class. To hand in your projects you can show them during the meetings, or email them to me.
    *Please note: Portions of lessons on Microsoft Teams may be recorded. 
    Be sure to come prepared to art class with any art supplies you have available in your home. If you are in person, we are no longer sharing supplies. Make sure you come with something to draw with, and something to color with. I will provide you with paper!
    Remember, we are in this together. Please be patient as we all learn how to use this new platfom and adjust to learning virtually! Stay safe, stay healthy, stay creative!