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    Email: kupshoc@hasdk12.org---Phone: (570)459-3221---Grade: 6th Grade

    Subjects: Science/Social Studies, Language Arts

    *** During COVID-19 Closing***

    PLEASE go to CLASS DOJO and enter the class code: 

    62: LQQ LVZ          63: CSK RSH

    This app is a great way to connect with me and your classmates! 


    Dear Class:

    According to the superintendent, beginning Monday, March 30, I can connect with you and provide some enrichment and educational activitites to keep your brains working! Please take the time to accept my invite to CLASS DOJO sent to the phone number I had on file for each of you. Please use this as a way to keep in touch and ask questions or just chat if you need. I will answer as quickly as I can and look forward to hearing from each of you!  

    Until then... please take care of yourself, STAY HOME and do some of the below activities! 

    I would like to say, although NOT REQUIRED, students can do such things as: 

    1. read for pleasure

    2. practice skills on Imagine Learning, Study Island, or Khan Academy

    3. take a look at some of the fun and educational websites found on this webpage under the "Websites" tab

    4. use various available websites online such as Scholastic, Brain Pop, or many others

    Any time dedicated to practice does benefit you as students and helps you grow as students! 

    Lastly, I would like to remind you to follow the rules sent out by the state to wash hands, stay away from large group gatherings, and stay home if you are sick. I look forward to seeing you all soon, and hope you stay well and safe! 

    Mrs. Kupsho