• 7th Grade Reading Assignment – Friday, February 4, 2022 – Mrs. Reyes

    • Continue working on your Poetry Assignment 1 - You can now find it in Assignments OR inside the Poetry Unit Channel of Teams. - You are unable to edit this assignment. You will create your poem on Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or hand write it out neatly. You can attach rough drafts and final copies to the assignment. OR even attach a photo if you would like me to take a look at it over the weekend.
    • Poems are due on Monday. We will print out and write out good copies on Monday and Tuesday in class.
    • You can also reach out to me in Teams with any questions, OR you can email me at reyesf@hasdk12.org
    • ALSO...Please be sure to complete the attendance assignment for Friday, 2/4/2022. This will be found on a Forms document in Teams. IF NOT COMPLETED, YOU WILL BE MARKED ABSENT.


    ***COPY of ATTENDANCE ASSIGNMENT*** – Pretend it snowed 2 feet of snow, and you were unable to leave your house.  What are three different activities you would do with your family?  Later in the day, the power goes out, and you have no electricity.  What three different activities would you do with no power?  Answer the questions using complete sentences, and explain your answers.  I will be expecting at least 6 sentences or more. – answer this question in Teams – or send it to me in an email.

    ***BELOW is a copy of the Poetry Assignment 1 as well.***

    Poetry Assignment 1 (from page 339 of Pearson Literature book) Directions:

    1. Write a lyric poem, concrete poem, or haiku to share your thoughts in a creative way.
    2. Choose a subject/topic that interests you. Write the subject/topic in the center of a piece of paper, and create a cluster diagram around it.
    3. Brainstorm by listing vivid descriptions, action words, thoughts, and feelings in the cluster diagram.
    4. Review the characteristics of each poem form, and decide which form is best suited to your topic. It may also be helpful to review the poem(s) in Poetry Collection 1 that have the same form you have chosen. You are also allowed to search example poems online to help guide you. DO NOT COPY POEMS FROM THE INTERNET. THE POEM YOU CREATE MUST BE YOUR OWN WORK.
    5. ****You will have the choice to neatly hand write your poem OR type on Microsoft Word and attach it to this assignment. CONCRETE POEMS MUST BE HANDWRITTEN.****
    7. A picture or image can also be added to your poem for extra credit.
    8. Have fun and be creative.

    A lyric poem expresses the poet’s thoughts and feelings about a single image or idea in a vivid, musical language.

    In a concrete poem, the poet arranges the letters and lines to create a visual image that suggests the poet’s subject.

    Haiku is a traditional form of Japanese poetry that is often about nature. The 1st line and 3rd lines always have 5 syllables, and the 2nd line always has 7 syllables.