• Student Council is a Club that helps promote school unity and builds leadership throughout our student body here at Maple Manor.We have a president, vice president, treasurer and secretary of the club. We get the student body involved in such as activities as helping with Christmas program, lettering writing to Santa, Christmas singing to Elementary students, School dances, working at school functions etc.

    The club meets every third Tuesday after school. We discussed making Christmas cards for nursing home. We are thinking of singing Christmas CAROLS to the nursing home virtual. Ms. Pcolinsky & I will bring our computers to the nursing home & members will sing to the members at the home.

    We discussed group games like " Among Us" , Escape Room" and challenge other clubs. We will possibly have the idea of after school movies virtual from 3 to 5. Set up a survey & see what movie works for the students.

    We will write letters or thinkof ideas for the elementary for Christmas via virtual.

    We are looking for officers. All letters need to be sublitted to Ms. Pcolinsky or myself.

     PRESIDENT< VICE PRESIDENT< SECRETARY & TREASURER. We wil run a POLL in Two Weeks or winner.