• Maple Manor Book Club

    Advisor – Francine Reyes       


    This Reading Book Club will help foster the love of reading for pleasure and provide fun ways to get students involved within their own school as well as within the community.


    Student Expectations:

    • Reading for understanding in a more relaxed atmosphere
    • Relating reading to personal experiences
    • Participating in discussions by taking turns and respecting others’ opinions
    • Build new friendships
    • Learn to read for enjoyment and as a social activity
    • Compare and contrast texts to multimedia versions


    In addition to book/multimedia discussions:

    The Book Club advisor will guide and facilitate the members in the following:

    • Direct involvement in reading activities and responsibilities within school: 1. work with school librarian  2.  create reading/writing contests with middle school student  3.  participate in various reading activities with younger students  4.  tutoring in lower grade reading classes 5.  Read Across America activities with elementary teachers
    • Encourage direct involvement in reading activities in the community:

      -public library events

      -Barnes and Noble events

      -visiting and reading with elderly in nursing homes

      -volunteer at Hazleton One Community Center and other outreach programs within the area.

    On average, the book club will meet biweekly to weekly depending on students' personal schedules.