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    Kevin Pryor
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    Grade (s): 7th 
    Subject (s): Social Studies

    Welcome back everyone, sort of.  Remember when we talked about moments in history that stand out and are remembered by all (Pearl Harbor, JFK assassination, 9/11)?  Well we are certainly living through one now.  You will one day be telling your grandchildren stories about the Coronavirus outbreak of 2020.  I will be assigning material through Pearson Realize which you all know how to access, but in addition I want to encourage all of you to begin a journal, write just a few sentences a day about what you did and whatever is on your mind.  Keep in mind that we are currently living through something that history teachers for decades will be teaching their students about.  Assignments will be added daily. Detailed instructions regarding accessing Pearson Realize can be found on my Classroom Links page.  Also, CNN10 is still up and running so I encourage all of you to take a few minutes out of your day to stay informed. Please feel free to email me with any comments, questions, and/or concerns.  I wish you all the best and remember to take care of one another.  Small gestures of kindness oftentimes have a much bigger impact than we realize, especially in times like these.

    Hope to see you all soon,

    Mr. Pryor