• Week of: May 31, 2020

      Teachers Name/ Subject:  Mr. Havrilla/  Science                                

      Teacher’s Email:         havrillad@hasdk12.org

      Message for the week: Hello 5th grade students, welcome to another week of online Science. Great job on completing the assignemnts for the past few weeks. If you still did not complete the assignemnts from last week you still can submit your work. Remember to watch the videos to help with all assignments for the week. We are going to recognize that Earth's surface is unevenly heated by the Sun, and the tilt of Earth's axis and its revolution around the Sun account for different seasons. If you are having trouble with completing the assignments, please send an email/skyward message, to me. Enjoy your time learning about the Planet you live on! Remember to answer the assignment questions. 

      Have a great summer and come visit your old 5th grade classrooms next year! 

      Learning Objectives for the week:   

      Explain how earth's tilt and revolution around the sun account for the seasons.

      Standards Addressed:  

      S5.A.3 – Systems, Models, and Patterns 


       S.5.D.3 – Composition and Structure of the Universe


        autumnal equinox 



        summer solstice 

        vernal equinox 

        winter solstice 

      “Students please watch this week’s lesson and complete the assignments below– you should complete this by the end of the week"

       Geography Seasons


      Extra vidoes :  

      Why Earth has different seasons    

      What causes Day and Night Length

      For assignments 1 and 2 use the following websites 

      Science for Kids: Climate  

      Science for Kids: Earth Seasons

      (Any questions/comments please send a message in skyward) Skyward  


      Click on the assigment link next to each assignment!!!!!!           


      Assignment 1   Seasons

      Assignment 2   Climate

      Assignment 3.  Read & Respond:

      Assignment 4   End of year


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