Graded Materials for

    Mr. Havrilla

     Science and Social Studies 
    6th Grade

    I will use the following to determine a student’s grade:



    • Tests will be given at the end of each chapter.
    • Review work sheets/information packets will be provided a few days before a test is taken.
    • All information will be provided to the students. No hidden tricks will be on tests.  All information within handouts will help students to perform well on a test.


    • Two types of quizzes (announced or unannounced)

                - May be given at anytime during a class period


    • Homework will be given on a regular basis during the week.

                - If students complete all work during the week “No Homework” will be given over the weekend. Students must complete homework as assigned because it will affect the student’s final grade.

                - Late homework will result in the student receiving a lower grade for that one particular assignment.

    Class participation

    -          Being at school

    -          Working in and outside the classroom

    -          Getting along with others (Example small groups)

    -          Answering questions

    -          Taking on classroom duties







    25% Tests

    25% Quizzes 

    25% Class Participation

    25% Homework/ Class work