• Classroom Procedures for

    Mr. Havrilla
    6th Grade
    Science and Social Studies  


    Classroom Procedures

    1.    Be prepared for class at all times

    -          Books

    -          Pencils

    -          Notebooks

    -          Homework

    2.    Assignments need to be finished on time

                - Late assignments will lower student’s grade

    3.    Raise hands for all questions.

                - Students need to respect other classmates

    4.    Materials need to stay neat, clean, and organized

    -          Notebook

    -          Textbook

    -          Folder

    -          Desk

    -          Classroom

    1. If your child is absent from school

    -          Look on Maple Manor Elementary Middle School website for homework under your son or daughters classroom teachers name. https://www.hasdk12.org/site/Default.aspx?PageID=1829 

    -          Arrange for someone to pick up his/her homework. Make sure the school knows who will be picking up the homework.

    -          If there is no possible way for someone to come to pick up homework. The student will have to complete work immediately following return to school.

    6.    No electronic devices, toys or anything that may be a distraction in the school