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    Grade (s): 8th
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    The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go. Dr. Seuss


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    English Language Arts



    Grade Level Summary

    In eighth grade, students grapple with high-quality, complex, nonfiction texts and great works of literature.  The focus of informational texts shifts from narrative to expository.  Students know how to cite textual evidence supporting an analysis or critique.  Students know how to question an author’s assumptions and assess the accuracy of the claims.  Eighth grade students read closely and find evidence to use in their own writing; they analyze two or more texts that provide conflicting information on the same topic and identify whether the disagreement is over facts or interpretation.  They analyze how point of view can be manipulated to create specific effects such as dramatic irony and investigate how particular passages within a text connect to one another to advance the plot, reveal a character, or highlight an idea.  Students have developed a strong vocabulary of academic words which they use to speak and write with more precision.  Their writing continues to grow focusing on organizing ideas, concepts, and information into broader categories; choosing relevant facts well; and using varied transitions to clarify or show the relationships among elements. 


    Grade Level Modules

    Module 1: Determining the Path to Getting Ahead as Conformist or Individualist
    Module 2: Critical Moments and the Way They Shape Who They Are
    Module 3: The Way the Message is Delivered Can Impact the Way It is Received
    Module 4: The Motives of People Today in Comparison to Those of the Past 
    Module 5: Experiences May Be Shaped by Events