• Week of: June 1st

    Teachers Name/ Subject:      Ronnie Tutko/ Math                                 

    Teacher’s Email:         tutkor@hasdk12.org

    Students, with the support of parents, should complete all of the listed assignments on each of their teacher’s website, weekly.   My assignments are listed below.  When you complete the assignments on my page, you will click the link at the bottom of this page to go to your next teacher's page. Take your time and complete the assignments at your own pace. Establish a daily routine.  If you have a question about any assignment, my email is listed above. 


    Teacher Message: 

    Hello Class! Hope everyone is doing fine and staying healthy. I want all of you to know that I really miss our time together at Maple Manor. This is going to be a brand new way of Teaching for me and a new way for you to learn. Together we can doing amazing things if we just work hard and help each other. Do Not be afraid or nervous about our new way of learning Math. Work hard and always try your best is all we are asking from you. This week we will learn about Fractions. We will learn how fractions are divided into equal groups and write fractions as part of a whole. The assignments will be listed below by section. My Homeroom will be 3T and Mrs. Henderson's group will be 3H. You can contact me by my e-mail or Class Dojo with any concerns or problems. I will get back to you as fast as I can to help. Remember TRY YOUR BEST

    Note: Any students who goes to Miss Marra are not rquired to do the assignments or turn them in to me. You can still watch the video lesson on Fractions and then just push the link to Miss Marra on the bottom of the page.

    Learning Objectives for the week:
    Student's will explore and model unit fractions and will read and write fractions that name part of a whole.

    Standards Addressed: Fractions CC.2.3.3.A.2   Chapter 10

    View Lesson Here:
    “Students please watch this week’s lesson and complete the assignments below– you should complete this by the end of the week". 
    >>(Click here to view video lesson<<)Fraction Video Lesson

    (3T)                                                                         (3H)              
    Assignment 1                                                          Assignment 1         
    Assignment 2                                                          Assignment 2         
    Assignment 3                                                          Assignment 3        
    Assignment 4                                                          Assignment 4       

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    Extra Practice: 
    Kahn Academy Video

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