• Reading BINGO


    On Friday, September 8th, I will start giving students quarterly reading logs to complete to increase their fluency. The students will be completing one of these Reading Logs each Quarter. 

    The students will receive the Reading BINGO on the first day of every Quarter. They will be expected to hand it in by the last day of the quarter. The students are expected to read to another individual, such as  a parent, sibling, friend, or grandparent.The person will then sign off, showing that the student did in fact read. This will be counted as a homework assignment grade for each month. The students are expected to fill at least 4 blocks of their Reading Log Board.  If it is not completed, the students will not receive credit for the assignment, and 5 points will be deducted from their Homework Grade. The students can get extra credit points for extra books read and blocks completed on the BINGO board. 

    3rd Quarter Reading BINGO is due by the end of quarter on April 3rd.


    Attached is a document, which shows the reading log.


     Reading Log Bingo




    Happy Homework-ing!


    Mrs. Cook