• Classroom Rules

     Our classroom will focus on a short, broad list of rules that are put in place to promote respect and allow for the most effective learning.


    Rule #1

    Bring everything you need to class

    This includes a pencil or pen, your notebook, the textbook, any additional handouts, and a positive attitude

    Our classroom will be highly interactive so negativity should not be brought into the classroom


    Rule #2

    Be ready to work when the bell rings

    This includes having the materials for the day out and talking should stop so we can start the lesson

    The less talking that happens in the beginning of class, the more talking students will get to do in the lesson


    Rule #3

    Be Respectful

    Our classroom will be talking about subjects that can be analyzed in different and unique ways

    Students will be asked to share their point of view and their opinions on various subjects

    Students should respect every one's views and opinions, even if they differ from your own


    Rule #4

    Listen when others are speaking

    This rule applies when the teacher is speaking or other students

    As mentioned before, the class is highly discussion based so it is important that everyone can share their ideas without being interrupted

    Everyone will get their turn to speak


    Rule #5

    Obey all school rules

    There are certain rules that are school wide (cell phones, arriving to class on time, PRIDE rules)

    The students will be expected to follow these rules in our classroom



    "Nobody ever did, or ever will, escape the consequences of his choices" -Alfred Monapert


    Our learning environment will be one with clear expectations that are appropriately communicated. There will be both positive and negative consequences that are designed to help students meet and exceed these expectations. Positive consequences will include extrinsic rewards, praise for success, and individual recognition. Negative consequences will include private criticism, natural consequences, and individual consequences that relate directly to the behavior and focus on finding out the reasons behind the behavior. The classroom structure will provide a safe learning environment that is focused on cooperative learning tasks. There will be cooperative learning between students, as well as between myself and the students. The overall goal of the consequence will be to provide an environment that allows for continual student learning