• Imagine Learning Information: 

    Your child has been using Imagine Learning throughout this school year, they should know their username and password.  If they do not remember their username and password, please let me know and I can get it for you.   Students can access this site at home and proceed with their current lessons.  I have also new lessons and will add more lessons each week.  The suggested time each day for Language and Literacy is 30 minutes and 45 minutes or 2 passed lessons per week for math.  The site can be accessed by going to the District's page at http://www.hasdk12.org, then clicking on the first link on the left, titled "Clever". You can also access Imagine Learning by clicking the link below. Students use the same login that is used to login to the computers at school, again if they are unsure of the login information please let me know and I will get it for you!

    Click on this link to go to Imagine Learning:  Clever

    Suggested times:

    • Language and Literacy: 30 minutes per day
    • Math: 45 minutes or 2 passes lessons per week