•                        Flu Season is here and we want our kids to be healthy and well.
    The Best Way to prevent illness is by proper handwashing.
    Hand Hygiene Saves Lives
     When should you wash your hands?
    1.  When hands are visibly soiled.
    2.  Before and after using the bathroom.
    3.  Before and after eating.
    4.  After you blow your nose.
    5.  After using the toilet.
    6. After playing outside.
    7.  After playing with pets.
    8.As soon as you come home from school or any other public place.
    Steps to Washing your hands:
    1.  Turn on the water.
    2.  Wet your hands with warm running water.
    3.  Add soap (any type of soap) then rub your hands together making a lather.  Do this away from the running water for 20 seconds (sing happy birthday or sing the ABC song silently),  Keeping hands pointed down in the sink, wash each finger and under each finger nail.  
    4.  Rinse hands under warm water with fingers pointing down.
    5.  Dry hands completely with a clean towel.