Things that you should know about our class!
    Science/Social Studies - Students will not study both of these subjects at the same time. We will flip back and forth as a chapter is completed. For example: Chapter 1 in Science one week, followed by Chapter 1 in Social Studies the next, and so on. Each week students will copy key vocabulary in their notebooks, read each lesson and complete the comprehension questions, and finally take a chapter test. Students will be responsible for studying their vocabulary and notes for quizzes and tests. They should have 1 notebook for Science and 1 for Social Studies. Study guides will be given at the end of each chapter to help them prepare for the chapter test. 

    Spelling - Students will be given their word lists each Monday, practice tests will be given each Thursday, and the official test will be given each Friday. Students will need to study their words prior to the test. These words can be found in two places: their Spelling Books and their planners - where they will be copied at the start of each week. 

    English - Students will receive notes at the start of each new lesson that they will copy in their notebooks. Then we will work for approximately a week on each skill (Guided Practice, Independent Practice, and Extra Practice - found in the textbook). Students will then take an English Quiz on the studied skill at the end of the week before moving on to the next one. 

    Handwriting - This grade will be determined by the notes taken in class, school work completed in their notebooks, along with any papers that are handed in to me (test, quizzes, etc.). 
    *** All tests and quizzes will be sent home after they are graded. Grades can also be checked on Skyward by parents/students at any time. Any grade lower than a 70% should be signed and shown to me. ***