• Classroom Procedures for
                      Margaret Quigley


    *Your child needs a clear backpack.  Please label backpacks, lunch boxes, and supplies with your child's name.

    *Your child needs a small, healthy snack each day. Juice, milk, and water are acceptable beverages.
           Please make sure their juice boxes/pouches have straws. 
           Please send in spoons for fruit cups and yogurt. 
    *Because we do not have a classroom fountain, students ARE permitted to keep a bottle of water (unflavored)
    at their desk. 
    * Homework- Your child will be bringing home a folder every day. Please check this folder to see if there is any homework for your child to complete. Please check and sign your child's homework and make sure that it is placed back in the folder and returned to school the next day.
    The folder will also be used to bring home any important information that periodically needs to be sent home. Information that needs to be returned should be completed as soon as possible.
    *****If, for some reason, there is a change in your child's transportation home at the end of the day, PLEASE send in a note or call the office.  If we do not hear from you, your child will be placed on their bus.*****