Classroom Rules and Regulations

  • Classroom Rules and Regulations:
    I like to typically meet with my students first to decide what is important to them and what they feel should be part of our rules, routines, regulations, and consequences. 
    Here is just an example of some ideas to think about!

    1.  Sit in your seats unless you are asked to do something. (We spend a lot of time during the day up and moving around.)
    2.  Be polite, kind, and courteous to your teachers and classmates at all times.  Treat others the way you want to be treated.
    3.  Raise your hand if you would like to say something.  Do not call out.
    4.  Be respectful to your teachers.  There is no talking when a teacher is talking.
    5.  Do not abuse bathroom priveleges.  Bathroom breaks will be given throughout the day.
    6.  Make sure you are always prepared for class.  This includes having a sharpened pencil, homework, notebook, books, etc.
    7.  When you arrive in my classroom, please take your seat and start your morning work.
    8.  If a visitor or announcement is made, remain quiet and continue working.
    9.  Try and be your best. I am trying to be the best teacher, and I expect you to be the best student.