• About 7th & 8th Grade General Music


    7th Grade General Music:

    In 7th grade general music we cover the following topics:

    • Science of Sound (MKEMS only) - how sound works, how we process and create sound, and the basics of what soundwaves are
    • Music History- covers from ancient music through the Renaissance, focusing on key composers, works, and ideas of the time period
    • Music Theory- reviewing and introducing the staff, rhythm reading, and note reading in treble and bass clefs


    8th Grade General Music:

    In 8th Grade general music we cover the following topics:

    • History of Popular Music- covers the history of modern music beginning in the 1900's all the way through to today. We cover various genres including rock, rap, pop, motown, and country.
    • Music Theory (FEMS only)- review rhythm reading, the staff, and treble clef note reading to be able to compose and perform using boomwackers