• FAQ's



    • My child is not feeling well and I would like to keep them home. I called the school to let them know. Is that enough? No. You must also send them back to school with a note from you, ( up to 10 a year) a doctor or a legal note to excuse them from school. 


    • My child is not feeling great, but I do not think they need to see a doctor right away. Do I still need a doctor's note to excuse them? No. If you feel that your child should be kept home, but does not need to see their physician, please call them off of school and send them back with a parent note.


    • If I am calling my child off why do I also have to send a note? We are required to have a written record of your child's absence. 


    • If I callled my child off, why is the automated system still calling me? The automated system is connected to your child's absence skyward. It is still going to notify you when their attendance is done. 


    • May I take my child out of school for a week or longer? We do not give permission for you to take your children away during the school year. You can use your 10 parents' notes to excuse 10 days.


    • I updated my phone number and new address on my child's emergency card. I am still not getting phone calls or mail from the school. Please make sure to update your information with the child accounting department. Updating your information on the emergency card will not update what we see on a daily basis in skyward.