Homework for Math
    for the Week of :
    March 30- April 3 , 2020
     Class Section
     All Math Classes



     1.Go to the link below and watch all 6 videos in order. You will find the videos to the left sidebar https://www.khanacademy.org/math/cc-third-grade-math/quadrilaterals-3rd/imp-quadrilaterals/v/introduction-to-types-of-quadrilaterals


    2. Log in to study island and complete today's assignment. The link to Clever can be found on my website. Remember that your log in is the same as the one you use to get into the computers at school. Send me a message if you forgot, and I will send it to you.


    3. Make a shape pizza and describe all your shapes as toppings on the side. Send a picture (if possible) to my email. 






    Tuesday: 03/31

     1. Go to the following links to review place value 



    2. Go to the next links to practice place value


    Play some Hockey to practice place value Here: https://www.abcya.com/games/place_value_hockey

    3.Go to the following links to review writing numbers





    4. Go to the following link to practice writing numbers



    5. Complete worksheet below.

    Writing Numbers Worksheet

    6. Go on Imagine Learning for 10 minutes














     1. Watch all 6 videos at the link below:


    2. Complete rounding lesson on Study Island. 

    3. Complete worksheet below and check your answers

    Rounding Worksheet

















     1. Review comparing numbers at this website.


    2. Study Island

    Complete comparing and ordering numbers in study island

    3. Comparing Number Task Cards

    Comparing Task Cards


    4. Ordering Numbers Activity

    Ordering Numbers Activity








    Friday: 04/03

     Good Morning and Happy Friday,
    We seemed to have made it through the week doing math at home. Kudos go out to all parents and students for working through these circumstances.


    Today we are going to work on Imagine Learning or Study Island  for at least 20 minutes.

    You can use today to catch up on any lessons that you may have not gotten to this week.

    Enjoy your weekend!











     Mrs. Buchman's Homework Policy
                                             If homework is not complete the day it is due there is a chance to bring it in the next day for a 50%.
                                                    It will not be accepted for a grade on the 3rd day. A 0% will be given.