• Weekly Online Schedule - Week 5

    Week of June 1, 2020  This is our last week of school!


    Teacher’s Name: Mrs. Vayda                     Teacher’s Email :    Vaydas@hasdk12.org


    Students and parents should complete all of the assignments listed below weekly. Take your time and do the assignments when you can. Develop a daily routine. Students and parents should work together.

    Los estudiantes y los padres deben completar todas las tareas que se enumeran a continuación todos los días. Tómese su tiempo y haga las tareas cuando pueda. Desarrollar una rutina diaria. Los estudiantes y los padres deben trabajar juntos.


    1. Watch The Morning Routine  Observar una Rutina Matutina
        Arrow  Click here (Haga clic aquí) for the Morning Routine  

    2. Watch this week's lesson
        Vea la lección de hoy-Usted debe completar esto por [ fecha ]

       Arrow  Click here (Haga clic aquí) for today’s lesson in Reading  (Then GO to the reading assignments below)

       Arrow  Click here (Haga clic aquí) for today’s lesson in Math    (Then GO to the math assignments below)

       Arrow  Complete the assignments below by 6/5/2020   Haga clic aquí para la lección de hoy 

          Message from Mrs. Vayda

    Reading assignments:  

    This week we will work with words with the "ou" and "ow" spelling pattern. Please watch the morning routine and reading video above to learn more about this spelling pattern.  Also, complete the pages below.  You will also see high frequency words to be practiced this week. The comprehension skill this week is problem/solution. 


     Practice Words    Practice book pages (Phonics)


     Practice book pages (High Frequency Words)


     Practice book story and questions




    Math Assignments: 

    This week we will learn to measure using a centimeter and inch ruler.  Please watch the math video above to learn more about this skill.  I have included a centimeter ruler below to be used if you do not have one at home.  

    Centimeter ruler     Measure in centimeters #1     Centimeters #2


    Mersure in inches #1     Inches #2



    Summer Fun Assignment: (Optional)

    Summer makes me think of......

    Take some time to think of some things that make you think of summer.  When I think of summer, I think of watermelon, lemonade, blue skies, cookouts, 4th of July, and fireworks.  I also think about going to the beach, swimming, and spending time with my family.  

    Below you will find a boy and girl ready for summer.  You can print one and have fun writing all about summer!  

    Summer Fun




            Little Dot Dot Mrs. Schieck's Students      Little Dot Dot  Mrs. Esposito's Students  


    3. Login to Raz Kids             

               Continue to work in the "Fight Check" section.  I enjoy listeing to you read and retell the passages each week.  Be sure to answer the questions after the retelling.  You may also choose from the "Level Up" pod or the "Reading Room" spaceship.  

          - Read at least 2-3 books per week from the "Level Up"  or "Reading Room" sections.

          - Answer any questions after reading the book(s).  


    Entrar a Raz Kids - Lea el Libro de Raz Kid que su maestro le asignó. Responda a las preguntas después de leer el libro

      Arrow  Click here (Haga clic aquí) Login to Raz Kids Look for the Rocket for your assignment

    My Assignment

    4. Login to Imagine Language & Literacy and Imagine Math for 20 minutes each
       Inicie sesión para Imagine Lenguaje & Alfabetización e Imagine Matemáticas durante 20
       minutos cada uno 

       Arrow  Click here (Haga clic aquí) to log in to Imagine Learning

    Click login with LDAP, type your username and password. Orange for Math & Blue for Reading.
    Haga clic en login con LDAP, escriba su nombre de usuario y contraseña. Naranja para matematicas & Azul para Literatura.
     Imagine Learning Picts    


    5. Login to Starfall for 15 Minutes 
        Tell your parents about something you liked and something you learned.
          Inicia sesión en Starfall durante 15 minutos
          Dile a tus padres lo que te gustó y algo que aprendiste.
       Arrow  Click here (Haga clic aquí) to log into Starfall

    6. Weekly Assignments  Arrow  Music  Arrow  Art  Arrow  Gym
    Asignaciones semanales  

    7. Writing Prompt - Here is your writing assignment for this week.

    "My First Grade Year" 

    Take some time to think about your year in first grade. There are so many memories I have from our year together.  These memories include apple tasting, Fire Saftey, Dino Dig, Halloween parade and party, Thanksgiving feast (making butter), Elf on the Shelf (Marshmallow), gift exchange, Valentine's Day party, and Dr. Seuss week (HAHS Cougar readers, Nittany Lion visitor, and popcorn treat).  You can include some of the activities I listed in your writing. 

    Try to organize your ideas first.  Make a rough draft (sloppy copy) by writing down 3-5 memories from the year.  Try to add a detail for each activity.  Then write a final copy checking for complete sentences, correct spelling and nice handwiting. Your writing should be about 5-6 sentences. 

    I can't wait to read about your first grade memories!!


    Opcional Escritura Rapida - 

    8. Optional -  Arrow Click here (Haga clic aquí) for links to Extra Practice